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Mon October 17, 2016

Amazing instructors! Jeremiah, Jeremy, and Mike actually spend time and work with you to increase your skills. Helping others with gun safety is their passion and it shows! They made the class simple and enjoyable! I will be going back for other training!

Mon October 17, 2016

Instructors were great and worked with each individual person. Class size just right.

Mon October 17, 2016

Such a great experience looking forward to the second course this spring.

Melissa LeBron
Sat October 15, 2016

This class was very educational and fun. The instructors were respectful and helpful in class and on the range. I would highly recommend this location and just look at the instructors backgrounds. Thank you guys so much and I am looking forward to the next classes available for more detailed training and experience that you offer.

Fri October 7, 2016

Definitely will be going back I had a blast, class was not boring very interactive and he made it interesting. Can't wait to go back .

Mon October 3, 2016

Very nice experience. Awesome, patient instructors made it fun to learn. Great information and well set up.

Andrea McConnell
Sun October 2, 2016

This class was exceptionally helpful and very educational no matter if it was someone's first time with a firearm or they were a seasoned gun user. Jeremiah made the class interesting when it could have been rather boring. Additionally he took individual time with each of the students on the range portion of the experience to insure everyone was doing their best. Not only do I highly recommend this class, but I look forward to taking others from the team at Guardian Shooting Solutions. Excellent experience, thank you Jeremiah .

Wed September 28, 2016

Absolutely loved it, can't wait to take more classes. Instructors are awesome and helped a lot. I highly recommend taking their classes.

Mon September 26, 2016

Jeremy and Jeremiah, Hey - great class today! Scott and I really enjoyed it. You guys are top notch.

Mon September 26, 2016

Took the concealed carry class late last year and just completed the defensive pistol class today. Amazing to see so much progress in one day! These guys are amazing at what they do and are exceptional instructors. Thanks for making it such a fun and productive day. I definitely walked away more informed and confident! Strongly recommend!

Mon September 26, 2016

All of the instructors were amazing! They kept it serious, but definitely kept us focused by throwing in some funny's every now and then. I learned so much, especially while shooting (in a short amount of time at that). I definitely recommend this place 100%! I plan on taking their self defense pistol class next.

Mon September 26, 2016

Great class with great instructors! Highly recommend Guardian Shooting Solutions.

Christy Parnell
Sat September 24, 2016

Fantastic group of instructors who really know their business. Jeremy and Jeremiah made the class light-hearted and fun; yet serious when it needed to be. As an inexperienced female, they really helped put my nervousness aside and teach me some great information about handling and shooting a gun. I enjoyed it so much, I've signed up for another class in November!!

Tue September 13, 2016

Followed up the CC Class from last year with the Defensive and Advanced Pistol Class on Saturday. The guys are very professional, instructive, patient, informative and keep the class at a good pace for all students. I would recommend the class for anyone wanting to become more familiar with their handgun and handling it safely! Great job guys!!

Tue September 13, 2016

Took the concealed carry class late last year and just completed the defensive pistol class Saturday. Amazing to see so much progress in one day! These guys are amazing at what they do and are exceptional instructors. Thanks for making it such a fun and productive day. I definitely walked away more informed and confident! Strongly recommend!

Wed August 10, 2016

Excellent class, instructors knowledgeable, helpful and long suffering! Highly recommend Guardian.

Wed August 10, 2016

Awesome class, Instructors were great, very informative, Very professional, joked a little, kept our interest throughout. Awesome time at the range, very safe and safety oriented. I would recommend Guardian shooting solutions to all my friends and family. I am probably going back in October for their advanced defensive pistol course also!

Wed August 10, 2016

Highly recommend. Very good instructors adaptable to all levels. Planning to go back in the Fall for advanced training.

Wed August 10, 2016

Outstanding class and instructors. Safety is their first consideration and they really prepare you for the range so that you feel safe and protected. Great counsel on legalities and how to proceed when traveling etc. I will take more instruction from these outstanding folks. Great facility too!

Wed August 10, 2016

Loved the instructors!!! They gave me a lot of great information today!!! They were very knowledgeable when instructing us and made sure my safety and the safety of everyone else was the #1 thing!!! I'm so returning for my defensive pistol course!!

Gary and Lanna Richardson
Sat August 6, 2016

Wow. Lanna and I just finished the concealed carry class and highly recommend it to anyone that wants to carry a gun, legally. The staff is very informed, highly professional and patient with those like us that knew little at all about the handling of weapons. We highly recommend their class. And, the price is right.

Stephanie R
Tue July 26, 2016

Why I chose Guardian Shooting Solutions: As a mother of four young children I knew that if a situation arose in which I would need to protect my family I'd obtain the knowledge needed to do so safely and efficiently. I was a little anxious at the thought of attending this class with no knowledge whatsoever about guns, but I'm so glad I did. Jeremiah was my instructor, he's very knowledgeable and makes the class exciting. The classroom and range are both well kept. I couldn't wait to tell my husband everything I learned from class. By the end of the day, I had the confidence & knowledge needed to protect my family. Thanks guys!!!

Mon May 9, 2016

Great class! Jeremiah Blasi was an excellent Instuctor helped everyone get better some weren't on the page but by the end of class every shot was in. Safety was taught thoroughly if you want to take a good conceal carry class Guardian Shooting Solutions is the place to go, I'm gonna take there defense class next.

Mon March 28, 2016

I'm definitely going to have to do the Defensive Pistol class again. It was a lot of fun!!

Raymond Jones
Wed March 9, 2016

Much Thanks to Jeremiah and Kevin. I am (should say) a novice. As instructors, these two did a phenominal job and NO ONE was left out. They're knowledge and abilities made the class very informative and enjoyable. I highly recommend the class even if you don't intend to carry.

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