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Mon January 18, 2016

The conceal carry class was very informative. Instructors were very professional, yet didn't make you feel uncomfortable. Firearm safety is the main goal of this class, not once did I feel unsafe taking this course. Not only did they emphasize safety to the shooter, they helped with your stance and grip, making sure you felt better knowing you can hit your target. Even If you are a great shooter they have the knowledge to help make you better. I personally came back from the class with a better respect for firearm safety than before the class.

Sandra R
Sun January 17, 2016

I was very nervous to attend the Concealed Carry Class having never shot a hand gun before. I loved it! They were very patient to teach the legalities and techniques of carrying a hand gun. I'm now looking forward to taking another class that they offer. If you are a newbie like me or more advanced as some of the others in the class, I would highly recommend using Guardian Shooting Solutions. They Rock!

Sun January 17, 2016

I took the class with my sister and mom. All three of us enjoyed the class and learned a lot. My mom had never shot a handgun before the class, but the instructor (April) had her shooting very well by the end of the class. The instructors were very professional and the classroom and range were nice.

Sun January 17, 2016

I took the class with my sister and mother. All three of us learned a lot and enjoyed the class. I selected to rent a 22 with ammo as this was a cheaper option than what it would have cost me if I bought a box of shells for my own firearm. Thanks

Sun January 10, 2016

This is the second CCL class I have taken, and was 100% better than the first. These guys know their stuff and do an excellent job of teaching everything you need to know to carry responsibly. The class was very fun and informative, and the instructors were so good that I decided to sign up for their intermediate handgun skills course. Thank you!

Mitchell Preston
Sat January 2, 2016

Thank you, Jeremy and Jeremiah and April. I wasn't raised around firearms and was quite apprehensive incorporating them into my lifestyle, you have helped feel like I can safely own a handgun for self defense. April, my wife was very impressed with the hints you gave her for using her sights. We will be taking additional courses from your expert team.

Brannon & Beth
Sat January 2, 2016

We both really enjoyed our time with Guardian today. Both instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful and made our day of training a lot of fun. They were both eager to assist with all levels of shooters in our class. We will definitely be back for More training with Guardian. Thanks guys...

Tue December 22, 2015

Great class, awesome instructors! I had a blast! Thanks guys

Tue December 22, 2015

Thank you Jeremy and Jeremiah for a great gun safety class. Patricia and I were very pleased with what we learned and thank you for making my wife feel at ease having never held or shot before! Looking forward to pistol defense next!

Tue December 22, 2015

I highly suggest anyone go through this course! Great instructors!

Van Horn
Tue December 22, 2015

Thanks! It was an awesome class, learned a lot. I would highly recommend this group for any defense classes.

Rudy Upshaw
Fri December 18, 2015

“You guys rock!! Thank you for the structure of the course and the great content based on each individual's needs!”

Don Means
Tue December 8, 2015

I attended the Dec. 5th class. Excellent class, I would highly recommend this class even if you don’t plan to carry a firearm. The Instructors are very good communicators and excellent instructors on the range. Their personal Pistol skills demonstrated that not only can the Talk the Talk but the can Definitely Walk the Walk. They are very Focused, I was impressed that they remembered every ones name in the class, and addressed us by first name. I will be attending the Defensive Pistol Class in the spring. After taking the Concealed Carry Class it is very evident this is a Must Have follow up of the accurate, expedient and safe use of your personal Firearm. *** This is a completely unsolicited Review. (Jeremiah you can send me a T-Shirt anyway)

Kelly C.
Wed November 11, 2015

I felt nervous going to the Defensive Handgun class last week, but only minutes after arriving was put at ease by the instructors. Their level of expertise and willingness to teach even the basic students was very comforting. I left feeling empowered and much more confident. Thanks for a great day!!

Wed October 21, 2015

Great class learned a lot the instructor was good I touched my shooting up its been awhile can't wait till the defensive pistol class in early spring.

Gary K
Sat October 17, 2015

October 17, 2015 I participated in the CCW class today and it was great. Jeremiah taught the classroom instruction and was assisted by April on the range. The classroom included a balanced blend of solid information, with real life situations and appropriate discussions. Jeremiah's passion for what he does was apparent making for a great attention holding class. The range instruction was held in a very safe and professional environment with both Jeremiah and April controlling the range with confidence and patience. From beginners to more advanced shooters all shooters were instructed according to their skill level and all times were shown proper respect. I would highly recommend this class to anyone considering taking a CCW class.

Keith S
Sat October 17, 2015

Just completed the concealed carry course, it was a great day. Jeremiah taught the classroom portion, it was informative but he was able to make it fun at the same time. The hands on shooting range time made the whole day worth it. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Kyle B
Sat August 15, 2015

Took the conceal and carry class at the Tulsa Oklahoma range on aug 15th 2015. Very good instruction and took the time to answer all questions. Been shooting for over 20 years and were able to teach me things that I didn't know. Jeremiah and Jeremy were very hands on and improved my marksmanship that day!

Sat June 27, 2015

I took the concealed carry class today and really enjoyed it. I was a bit rusty since I haven't fired a handgun in 25+ years. Jeremiah pointed out some things that will help me improve on my accuracy. Jeremiah was very Professional and kept everyone's attention inside the classroom as well as at the range. I had a great time. Thank You.

Mon June 22, 2015

I would recommend this class to everyone . Even the class room part is made interesting and very informative . Of course the shooting part is very fun . Really enjoyed the whole thing . Thank all of you at Guardian for your help and sharing your kknowledge with us .

Sun June 21, 2015

Excellent concealed class, my wife and I just completed it and I highly recommend it.

Sun June 21, 2015

Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for the awesome concealed carry class today! Looking forward to knowing more about getting started and getting involved in the competitive shooting! Thanks

Tue May 19, 2015

The class was awesome! Very informative on what conceal and carry is about. Jeremiah was great at explaining situations that can arise while carrying along with where and where not to carry. The time down at the range was very safe and fun! I've been shooting for over 30 years and learned a lot from this class and improved my shooting even more. I had a great time and plan on returning for more training.

Alandace & Irene
Thu May 7, 2015

This class was very educational. They teach you the limitations on where you can carry, what to think about when you carry and what possible situations can arise. They ask YOU a lot of questions to keep you engaged in the class and so you can remember what you learn. On the range Jeremiah was patient and knowledgeable. He knew how to correct our mistakes and demonstrated his skills. We would highly recommend this class!

Mon April 20, 2015

Jeremiah is an awsome instucture, thank you very much sir. looking forward to participating in another course of yours

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