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Sat August 16, 2014

What an awesome way to earn a concealed certificate! Jeremy and Jeremiah are awesome instructors. They made the class fun and informational. They both gave me great tips on improving my accuracy and safety. I've been shooting a long time but I learned a lot of new things. If you're ready to get serious about protecting yourself and your family then don't go anywhere else! Also, you need to see Jeremiah's magnificent beard, that alone was worth the money.

Mon July 7, 2014

Conceal Carry/Handgun Class--My husband and I just took this class. As a beginner I was put at ease by Jeremy and Jeremiah. They were very patient, encouraging and thorough. I now feel very comfortable holding and firing a handgun. The class was a lot of fun while at the same time serious and covered all that you needed to know to get started in handgun safety, laws, and the reality of what it is you are getting into and need to stay informed of. On the range they gave very practical, logical help in holding and firing your weapon correctly. We are signed up for the defensive pistol class next and my husband is finally happy and relieved that after 16 years of marriage I am comfortable with handguns and taking seriously personal defense. Thanks guys!

Julie Akers
Sun July 6, 2014

7-5-14 Conceal Carry Class My husband and I attended the conceal carry class. We had a great time. My husband has used guns all of his life and still walked away with more knowledge and some things to really think about while carrying a gun every day. He also gained some great knowledge on the range. I just recently got interested in carrying a weapon. I was nervous going into the class and afraid I might fail. The instructors did a great job of calming my nerves and were very helpful on the range for the shooting portion. They walked us through how to handle the weapon and reinforced our confidence. They helped me through my concerns and also gave me some great ideas about which gun I might want to carry. So ladies, no need to be afraid. They are very patient and understanding. I even want to come back and do the advanced class, which I never thought I would say. This is a man thing right! Well it was fun and I am changing my mind. It's a girl thing too! Thanks Guardian!

Sun May 11, 2014

The defensive pistol class was really interesting and covered a lot of good information. I thought I knew how to shoot a pistol before the class, but now realize there are a lot of old bad habits I need to change to be a more efficient and accurate shooter. By the end of the class I had improved but found it rather challenging to remember all of the new technique that was taught that day. I will keep practicing and I’m sure it will all become second nature given some time. I went straight home and started practicing before I forgot all the good lessons learned. You guys really made it fun, educational, and challenging. Great class, I look forward to practicing what I learned, and then come back to do a timed test after getting proficient and “smooth” with the techniques you taught. Sincerely, Steve

Sun May 11, 2014

Really enjoyed the Defensive Pistol class last Saturday. Lots of good information to help everyone in our group. Eighteen attendees ranged from novice to experienced shooters, and it appeared all had a good time and benefited from the individual attention given to each. I would recommend the class to anyone as a followup to the Conceal Carry permit course.

Sun May 11, 2014

Thank you Jeremy. I had so much fun, and think you guys are just great. Keep up the great work you do.

Wed May 7, 2014

I really enjoyed the class on saturday. You and the other instructors are very good with people. I will keep on shooting and practicing my draw trying to get more accurate. Keep up the good work and humor , once again I had a very good time I also look forward to watching/shooting some competitions. Thank you,

Bobby A .
Wed May 7, 2014

Defensive Pistol, awesome class!! Instructors were very professional & down to earth, excellent instructions & learning atmosphere. Above all safety was first! Definitely recommend GSS / ATA. Thanks Jeremy, Todd, Robert & Jeremiah

John and DeAnna
Tue May 6, 2014

We enjoyed the defensive pistol class we attended on 5/3/14. We had a good time and the class was very informative and helpful. The instructors are WONDERFUL very professional but kept the class fun, lively and informative. We really feel it helped us a lot and made us more comfortable around firearms. Would highly recommend it's well worth the time and cost. We feel it is a must if you own or want to own a firearm. Thank You Jeremy and the entire staff for sharing your expertise with firearms.

Mon May 5, 2014

I drove from Oklahoma City to Pryor to attend this class, and it was well worth it. The instructors have the utmost level of professionalism, practical knowledge, and most importantly, provide a very supportive learning environment that allows students to achieve personal improvement with their shooting skills. The class alone improved the shooting of every student who attended, establishing a fundamental but critical foundational mindset and shooting skills one may build upon. I am highly impressed and recommend GSS / ATA to anyone who wants to improve and have a great time doing it. I am definitely going back!

Fri May 2, 2014

Guardian Shooting gave me the knowledge and training to use my concealed carry that saved the life of another and myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kevin from Pryor
Tue April 1, 2014

The class started right on time and was thorough. They keep it interesting. They took time to answer relevant questions and did a good job of keeping the class on topic. When we moved to the firing line they managed to get with each shooter for one on one technique improvement...which is much more than I expected for a class with over 25 shooters. I have heard lots of stories of what a basic firearm class can be and that's what kept me away from one for so long. Instead of all those stereotype of 'one time I knew a guy that' stories or 'back when I was in the war' tales, these folks made it practical, engaging and applicable. I Highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to get legal in a safe, informative setting.

Jeff Gillilan
Sun March 30, 2014

This is the greatest class you will ever take. The instructors are first class. They care not only about what they do, but about every person there. Their priority is making people safe, comfortable and informed. You guys are awesome...

Sat March 29, 2014

The class was informative and exciting. By the time the class had finished I felt comfortable enough to handle my firearm. I will recommend you guys to anyone that is looking to carry.

Brian Baysinger
Sat March 29, 2014

Absolute blast, highly recommend these guys

Sat March 29, 2014

Well we just finished up our conceal carry class with Jeremy Harrison of Guardian Shooting Solutions... we had the absolute best time ever... oh and we learned stuff too... lol... these guys are awesome... Jeremy and Todd did and absolutely fantastic job teaching the class... we had numerous people of varying skill levels and ages and they made each and everyone feel equal and comfortable... I cant say enough good things about them... finest cc class around!

Alex B
Mon March 24, 2014

Thanks Jeremy!! I had such a good time this Saturday and have told several people since then about ATA and how good you guys are at what you do! Learned a TON, and hope I remember it all. Lol I appreciate all of your help with everything, and will definitely be back soon for some more "competition". Lol :)

Sun March 23, 2014

HOLY MOLY what an awesome place to learn about your weapon and how to use it properly AND safely!! Instructors are fantastic and make learning new things fun and interesting! Just finished defensive pistol training and low light (which I'll probably take again lol), I learned a lot and had bettered myself immensely with today's training, and not to mention that it was a riot!! Look forward to possibly attending more classes and training in the future!!

Cody and Kendall
Sun March 23, 2014

Fantastic training, awesome people, great facility!!

Sun March 23, 2014

If you're thinking about going anywhere else to take your Concealed Carry Class..... DON'T!!! Go! I recently took this class and I had such a good time! Such friendly instructors that give 110% of their time and effort, and go out of their way to help you better protect yourself and others. Thank you Jeremy and Robert and all the guys that had a hand in putting all this together. Cannot wait til the next class! :)

Sun March 23, 2014

The facilities at Alpha Training are amazing! Took the CCW course recently with my girlfriend and mother. My girlfriend had no experience and did not like guns, my mother had some experience and was ok with guns however they were very nervous about the course. The instructors were very helpful to them and made it very clear that they wanted to help everyone. They are really good at what they do!! We are looking forward to taking more gun courses in the near future. Do I recommend Guardian Shooting and Alpha Training Academy? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Sun March 23, 2014

Awesome day today guys!!! Glad I got to meet a real live members of Willy Wonka's crew!! (You know who you are... Lol) Seriously, I had a great time! Look forward to more training!!

Sun March 23, 2014

A big thank you to all the instructors and Alpha Training Academy. I learned so much today! Thank you for presenting the info in such a way that anyone could learn....from the beginning of beginners to the more advanced. The knowledge gained will be carried with me forever. You guys have an awesome set up there! Thanks again

Sun March 23, 2014

Thank you so much, I truly learned so much today at the Defensive Pistol Course, and had a blast! Can't wait for the next class!

Thu March 20, 2014

My experience at Alpha Training Academy in Pryor was excellent! Owning and carrying a weapon is a serious responsibility, one everyone must prepare themselves for. Specifically, Jeremy and the guys did a great job in my opinion of making 3 things clear. First, he laid out the basic habits for the proper handling of a weapon. Once you become aware of the proper habits, its easy to see the many bad habits we develop! Second, he explained how to relate to other individuals and Law Enforcement officers when carrying. Third, they did a great job of demonstrating that if you actually intend to carry a firearm for protection you need to be ready not only to use it but to understand the various scenarios that you could face. All in all, I enjoyed myself and learned a great deal. Seems to me that all you could ask for! Thanks guys for all you do!

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